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If you regularly suffer from muscle cramps and muscle spasms, CBD can be a great natural solution to fight the pain and discomfort. This cannabis molecule has been found to help with sudden, painful cramps, as well as more general muscle tightness. In the form of a cream, CBD absorbs into the body very fast. This makes it effective in treating muscle cramps in a matter of minutes. 

Although it’s a great product to have on hand, you still need to be careful about which CBD topical cream you choose. As much as possible, we recommend going for products that only have natural ingredients, and for high-quality, all-organic CBD. In the guide below, you’ll find our top picks for the best CBD creams for muscle cramps.

Why Use CBD Topical Cream For Muscle Cramps?Best CBD Cream for Muscle Cramps

Anyone can get muscle cramps, and most of us will get them at least a few times each year. But if cramps become a more regular occurrence in your life, they can become a serious problem. 

That’s why a natural product like CBD can be of great help. CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is a cannabis molecule that relieves pain and relaxes muscles. Studies have found that CBD is effective in relieving cramps for a number of reasons.

First, CBD is a natural painkiller, which can help you feel better if you experience painful muscle cramps. It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties. High levels of inflammation can lead to muscle cramps—which also means that CBD can help fight them, and even prevent them from happening in the first place. Finally, CBD restores balance in the endocannabinoid system. Imbalances in this system have sometimes been associated with conditions that cause muscle cramps, such as multiple sclerosis. By balancing this biological system, CBD could reduce muscle cramps permanently in some people.

The Benefits of CBD Cream for Muscle Cramps

Why use CBD cream rather than CBD oil or CBD gummies? There are a couple of valuable advantages to using CBD cream that are not found in these other products. 

When we apply CBD directly to the area where we have a cramp, it has the potential to relieve pain and relax the muscle almost instantly. If you compare that to taking some CBD oil or eating a CBD gummy, the results are much faster. 

Another great thing about massaging CBD cream to the area is that it provides relief exactly where you need it. For example, you can use a CBD foot cream if you frequently have cramps in your feet, or a more general CBD muscle cream for everyday cramps. When you eat, smoke, or vape CBD, it takes action in the whole body. This is great for people with more generalized problems, like anxiety, sleep issues or epilepsy. But for people who experience pain in a precise area of the body, it makes more sense to apply CBD directly where it hurts. It will allow you to use those precious milligrams of CBD exactly where you need, saving some money along the way.

Endoca slave

1. Endoca Hemp Salve 750 mg​

This Endoca salve is our favorite product for treating muscle cramps.

It’s a thick, highly concentrated product that is ideal for treating smaller areas of skin. And as an added bonus, it has a lovely lemony and vanilla smell!

Made using all natural plant oils and butters like coconut oil and pure organic hemp oil, this product has a rich consistency that is perfect for massages. Simply warm it up in between your hands for a bit, and gently massage it into the part of your body where you are experiencing cramping. Because this is a highly dosed product, a little goes a long way! With only a dollop of the salve, you can treat a cramp in your foot or your leg.

What we also like about this product is the quality and purity of all the ingredients used. It’s made with only organic, food-safe ingredients, including organic beeswax, lemon peel oil and vitamin E. The salve has been manufactured with very high quality standards in mind, and it comes with many documents and certificates that prove its purity. 

In terms of value, Endoca’s salve costs $64 or equivalent for a 30-ml tub. With 750 mg of CBD inside, it offers very decent value for your money, especially for a product that follows those quality standards. 

Hemp Whipped cream

2.Endoca Whipped Body Butter

Our second choice for CBD cream for muscle cramp is this whipped body butter by Endoca.

This body butter is another great Endoca product that comes in two different sizes, depending on your needs. With a rich, creamy consistency, this product is easier to apply than the salve. It contains all-natural, organic shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil for a great moisturizing effect.

The 1,500-mg version packs a serious punch and we think it’s concentrated enough to really make a difference on muscle cramps. However, the lighter version, which packs 300 mg of CBD in 100 ml of cream, may be too light to relieve certain kinds of cramps.

Another advantage of the two available options is that they allow you to choose based on your budget. The medium concentration costs $35 and the high concentration $80. Keep in mind that you may need more of the medium-concentration cream to relieve a cramp. Nonetheless, both of these options offer great value for money in terms of the cost of CBD per milligram.

CBDFx Calming Balm

3. CBD Calming Balm by CBDfx

When muscle cramps are giving you grief, you may want to try a CBD balm that also uses the best benefits of aromatherapy.

This calming balm by CBDfx is a thick and creamy product that’s been infused with lavender essential oil, roman chamomille, and tea tree. It may be a little harder to apply on large areas of skin compared to some lighter creams and body butters. However, we think it works a charm for more targeted pain relief (for a foot cramp or a hand cramp for example.)

The oils in this product haven’t been chosen just for scent. Lavender has been used to treat muscular pain and cramps for decades. Roman chamomille is also a natural ingredient that is often used against cramps and spasms. Finally, tea tree has anti-inflammatory properties that can make it great to calm down the pain and tension. 

Formulated with 750mg of CBD in a 2oz tub, this product offers a moderate to high potency for more serious types of cramps. And for just $39.99 for a jar, it’s an affordable option that promises very good value for money. So if you’re looking for a product that feels great, smells great, and packs a solid CBD punch, this may be the one for you.


5. Elixinol CBD Sports Gel 1000mg

This product is perfect for those who want high-potency and cooling ingredients.

This sports gel by Elixinol works particularly well on muscle cramps thanks to its fast-absorbing water-based formula and pain-fighting botanicals. It contains arnica, a flower that’s known to relieve muscle cramps and lower inflammation when applied to the skin. It also contains capsaicin, a molecule found in chili peppers, which relieves pain and inflammation in a matter of minutes. When you’re trying to fight muscle cramps, it’s good to find products like this one that target pain with a good range of natural ingredients. 

This product also contains witch hazel, aloe leaf juice, and essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, basil, cinnamon, and grapefruit. It is completely free from harsh chemicals, synthetic colors and synthetic fragrance. Its natural moisturizing properties and gentle, natural smell all come from the plants that it uses.

With 1000mg of CBD in a 100ml bottle (which comes with a convenient pump), it’s a relatively high-potency product that’s strong enough to relieve pain flare ups. And for just $59.99, we think that the quality of ingredients and the potency well justify the price. Not to mention, it’s a large bottle that’s sure to last you a while!

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