Taking CBD for Blood Pressure: What you can expect

The list of CBD benefits is already surprisingly long. According to studies, CBD could help with nausea, anxiety, inflammatory pain, muscle cramps, and much more. But can CBD lower blood pressure? According to one study, it’s not out of the question. Keep reading to find out just how much we know about CBD for blood pressure, and what CBD oil for high blood pressure we recommend. 

Can CBD lower blood pressure?

According to recent research, CBD for blood pressure could work. For example, a 2017 study showed that volunteers who took a one-time dose of 600mg of CBD had significantly lower blood pressure afterward compared to the control group. 

Scientists are still arguing about why that might be. According to some, CBD oil for high blood pressure works by relaxing blood vessels. By dilating your arteries, it allows blood to flow more freely, reducing the pressure build up in the blood vessels. 

According to others, CBD for blood pressure simply works because it relieves anxiety—one of the key causes of blood pressure. Whatever the reason may be, this study is very promising. But to prove a clear CBD blood pressure connection, more research is still necessary. 

using cbd for blood pressure

CBD blood pressure: a connection under scrutiny 

One of the problems with the study we mentioned above is that it only studied the effects of a one time CBD dose. The other problem is that the dose was very high (600mg), over ten times higher than the dose people usually take. With many products, 600mg is equivalent to a full bottle of CBD oil. So can CBD lower blood pressure? It probably can, but it’ll also seriously lower your funds if you have to drink a bottle of CBD oil a day!

That being said, scientists do need to experiment with high amounts of CBD to show a clear connection. That’s not to say that a lower amount of CBD wouldn’t have worked. So if you’re thinking of taking CBD for blood pressure, you could give it a try with a lower amount.

In any case, we recommend consulting with a health professional if you suffer from high blood pressure. It can cause some serious health risks, and you don’t want to risk any complications. CBD may be able to help, but it’s no substitute for any blood pressure medication you may have been prescribed. 

Taking CBD for blood pressure: how will it make me feel?

Taking even a small dose of CBD oil for high blood pressure every day could make a big difference. As we know, CBD has the ability to relieve stress, anxiety, and to improve your sleep. So by taking CBD oil on a daily basis, you may be able to improve your overall wellbeing. In turn, this could change your blood pressure for the better. 

Few people report experiencing side-effects from taking CBD oil, and those who do say they are mild. So while you may not expect to feel dramatic effects from taking CBD for blood pressure, it could gradually improve your wellbeing a little at a time.

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil

1. Endoca Raw CBD and CBDa hemp oil 1,500 mg

This Endoca tincture is a great choice for first-time CBD users

This all-natural CBD oil tincture by Endoca is our first choice for people with high blood pressure. What we love about this product is that it uses a very minimal extraction process. Endoca use very little heat in making this oil, which results in a “raw” tincture. One of the results of that decision is that the oil is naturally high in CBDa, a molecule that usually gets destroyed by heat.

Like CBD, CBDa is a common cannabinoid found in hemp. As research shows, it has strong anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. This complements the benefits of CBD very nicely, and can even make CBD stronger thanks to the “entourage effect”. And because the CBD extract is also broad-spectrum, this oil also contains smaller quantities of other cannabinoids, as well as a good range of terpenes.

With 1,500mg of CBD in a 30mL bottle, this is a very high-potency option. We don’t necessarily recommend it to people who are completely new to CBD, but experienced users will love it. And for an organic, GMO-free, third-party tested product, it offers excellent value for money.


  • Minimally processed product
  • Rich in CBDa
  • High potency
  • Added vitamin E and omega fatty acids


  • Shipping times to the U.S may be longer
  • Strong hemp flavor
  • no flavor options
CBD Fx Wellness Tincture

2. CBDfx Wellness 2:1 Tincture CBD + CBG

This CBDfx tincture also contains phytocannabinoid CBG and anti-inflammatory curcumin

Like CBD, CBG is a cannabinoid naturally found in hemp. But compared to CBD, it’s a lot less common. That’s why it’s still relatively rare to find CBD products that contain high doses of CBG. So far, the research on CBG is also more limited than that on CBD. But we do know it has a couple of interesting benefits. Recently, studies have found that CBG could influence receptors that regulate blood pressure. As a result, some scientists believe it could potentially be used by people who suffer from high blood pressure. 

In this CBDfx tincture, you’ll find CBD and CBG in a 2:1 ratio. You’ll also find anti-oxidant Q10, and anti-inflammatory turmeric molecule “curcumin”. This interesting mix of ingredients are here to give the product more well-rounded benefits. It’s the type of tincture you can take on a daily basis to relieve not just high blood pressure, but a large number of other symptoms.

Like all CBDfx products, this tincture is organic, GMO-free, and third-party tested. And considering all the helpful ingredients it contains, it also offers some excellent value for money. We recommend getting it in the higher potency version (2,000 or 4,000mg/bottle) to get even more bang for your buck.


  • Contains curcumin and coenzyme Q10
  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • Four strengths available
  • Great price per milligram of CBD


  • Some people won’t like its sweet stevia flavor
Fresh Lime Oil Tincture Organic

3. Joy Organics Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture Fresh Lime

This fully natural CBD oil by Joy Organics comes in a fresh key lime flavor


This CBD tincture by Joy Organics is made with full-spectrum CBD extract. Full-spectrum CBD is a type of CBD extract that contains all of the cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in CBD. Many of those can be beneficial for people with high blood pressure. It’s also a good thing to have several cannabinoids and terpenes in a product as they tend to make each other stronger. This is what we call “the entourage effect”. 

In this CBD oil tincture, you’ll find full-spectrum CBD extract, MCT oil, key lime oil, and stevia. MCT oil has a neutral taste, and it acts as a carrier oil in the product. Meanwhile, stevia and key lime oil give this tincture a sweet, tangy taste that’s very refreshing. If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the slightly bitter taste of CBD, this makes it a great option for you. 

As well as being completely natural, this product is also organic, GMO-free, CO2-extracted, and third-party tested. It comes in potencies ranging from 15 to 45mg per serving. We recommend the lighter concentrations if you’re new to CBD, but the heavier ones if you want to get the best value for money.


  • Full-spectrum CBD extract
  • Under 0.3% THC
  • Organic
  • Dark glass container
  • Several potencies available


  • Not for you if you don’t enjoy the sweet taste of stevia
  • Doesn’t ship internationally
Elixinol Daily Balance Winter Mint CBD Tincture

4. Elixinol Daily Balance Tincture Winter Mint

This peppermint-flavored oil comes in four different strengths


If you’re new to CBD oil, you may not like the taste of it. That’s why we like to recommend this peppermint-flavored CBD tincture by Elixinol. It’s made using all-natural peppermint essential oil, MCT oil, and broad-spectrum CBD extract.

Being made with broad-spectrum extract means that it contains a lot of cannabinoids and terpenes, not just CBD. As research has found, CBD works even better when you take it together with other hemp molecules. So it makes a lot of sense to go for a tincture like this which contains a wide range of hemp molecules—while remaining completely THC-free.

Different people have different CBD needs. For example, beginners may want to get started with a lower dose to avoid side-effects. Meanwhile, if you’re big and tall, you may need a lot more than your peers. That’s why we really like the fact that this tincture comes in four different potencies. You can get it in strengths ranging from 133mg to 4,000mg per bottle. The 133mg version is by far the most affordable, and a great choice for beginners. But if you’re more experienced, we recommend going for a high-potency version which will offer a better price per milligram of CBD.


  • Refreshing taste
  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • Contains extra beta-caryophyllene
  • Dark-glass container
  • Comes in 4 different potencies


  • Elixinol have longer than average shipping times

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