Taking CBD with Melatonin: All about their benefits for a peaceful night of sleep

You’ve probably heard it before: CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabis molecule that can relieve anxiety and give you a better night of sleep. But what if you could mix it with a natural sleeping hormone to take your sleep to the next level? This article explores the benefits of both CBD and melatonin and how they work when you combine them together. Scroll down to the end if you want to find a selection of the best products out there that use CBD with melatonin! 

CBD is a great way to get deeper sleep. Studies have shown that it can even improve your sleep cycles. But is it always enough? People who suffer from sleep disorders could benefit from taking CBD and melatonin together to improve their sleep. Read on to find out how it works.

best cbd with melatonin online

What is CBD and how can it help me sleep?

CBD is the short name of cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive molecule that’s found in the cannabis plant. As a cannabinoid, CBD has the ability to bind with receptors in our endocannabinoid system. And as recent research highlights, this can have very wide-ranging effects. When it binds with endocannabinoid receptors, CBD gives a boost to the endocannabinoid system which relieves:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Nausea
  • Sore muscles and muscle cramps
  • Epilepsy
  • Anxiety
  • Low or unstable mood
  • … and many other common symptoms

A lot of the research on CBD has focused on its ability to lower stress and anxiety. For example, this 2019 study showed that taking a daily dose of CBD lowered anxiety for the vast majority of the patients surveyed. And interestingly, CBD also improved the sleep quality of the majority of patients. Scientists behind the study suggest that CBD can help people find better and deeper sleep by relaxing the body and mind. In short, CBD lessens the stress that can keep people from getting a good night of sleep. 

According to this 2014 study, CBD actually does a lot more than combatting insomnia. It also improves REM cycles, meaning that it can give you deeper and more restorative sleep. In other words, CBD doesn’t just help you fall asleep but also helps you stay asleep and get the rest you need. 

Today, more and more people are taking CBD for sleep. But what happens when you take it together with melatonin? 

best cbd with melatonin

Melatonin: a natural hormone that combats insomnia

Melatonin is a hormone that our bodies naturally produce to regulate our sleep and wake cycle. When it gets dark at night, our bodies release more melatonin, which makes us feel sleepy and even a bit drowsy. It sends a clear signal: you need to get to sleep now! 

However, for many of us, our bodies simply don’t produce enough melatonin to help us fall asleep at a normal time. That’s why many choose to take natural melatonin supplements. Research shows that taking melatonin is safe, and an effective way to combat insomnia. And if your sleep problems are also stress-related, taking melatonin together with CBD could make it a lot more effective. 

CBD and melatonin: What happens when you mix the two? 

So far, there hasn’t been any clinical research on the effects of combining melatonin and CBD to help with sleep disorders. However, research on both substances and anecdotal evidence presents a clear case for combining the two. Not only can they both help you to fall asleep, but they also have benefits that complement one another.

CBD helps to relax your muscles and your mind in preparation for a good night of sleep. It lessens the anxiety that keeps many of us awake long after we get to bed. However, just because we are relaxed doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re also sleepy. So supplementing with melatonin is a good way to push us over the edge into sleep once we are relaxed.

cbd with melatonin
Charlotte's Web Hemp Extract Infused Gummies Sleep

1. Raspberry-flavored CBD melatonin gummies by Charlotte’s Web

These sweet CBD gummies are a great low-potency option for those with mild sleep issues.

These CBD and melatonin gummies by Charlotte’s Web contain 10mg of CBD per serving, as well as 3mg of plant-derived melatonin. This is a relatively low dose of both, making it suitable for people of most ages and conditions. But if your insomnia is severe, you may want to find a stronger product—or just take more than one of these gummies per day! 

Like all Charlotte’s Web products, these gummies are made with all-natural ingredients, including beet sugar, MCT oil, and fruit juice for color and flavor. Although they aren’t sugar-free (so make sure to brush your teeth after taking them!), they remain a healthy and natural option. 

Their sweet and tangy raspberry flavor is delicious, and more than does the job of hiding the taste of CBD. And if that wasn’t enough, the CBD itself is also very high-quality. It’s a full-spectrum CBD extract that is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, CO2-extracted, and third-party tested. Overall, it’s an option we recommend for people who want an easy, tasty way of taking CBD for sleep.


  • High-quality CBD extract
  • All-natural list of ingredients
  • Great taste
  • Free shipping (with minimum spend)


  • Relatively CBD potency
  • Not sugar-free
CBDfx Gummies Melatonin Sleep

2. CBDfx CBD and melatonin gummies for sleep

These CBDfx gummies contain CBD, melatonin, as well as sleep-promoting plant extracts.

Another one of our favorite products for people who want to take CBD and melatonin for sleep are these CBDfx gummies. CBDfx is a U.S brand with a very good reputation for quality. Their products use natural ingredients and high-quality CBD extract that comes with a full certificate of analysis.

In these CBD gummies, you’ll find 10mg of CBD and 5mg of melatonin per serving. This is a relatively low dose that is suitable for the majority of people—but those with more extreme sleep disorders may want to take a double dose to get the effects they want. 

As well as CBD and melatonin, these gummies also contain magnesium (which is known to improve sleep quality), as well as passionflower, chamomile, and lemon balm (calming natural remedies that are used to fight insomnia in natural medicine.) 

These CBDfx CBD melatonin gummies have a sweet lemon taste and they’re full of helpful natural ingredients for sleep. It’s a product we highly recommend to anyone who wants to combine CBD not just with melatonin, but also with helpful botanicals. A word of advice: they don’t come in an opaque container, so try to keep them in a dark closet to keep them fresh for longer. 


  • Broad-spectrum CBD extract
  • Contains magnesium
  • Enriched with sleep-boosting botanicals
  • Tangy lemon taste


  • Clear container
  • High in sugars

3. Joy Organics CBD and melatonin softgels

These Joy Organics capsules are a great high-potency alternative to CBD gummies.

If you’re not the kind of person who likes to take CBD gummies, these softgels are a great alternative. They contain 25mg of CBD per serving and 1mg of melatonin. Compared to other products on our list, it’s a lot more CBD and a lot less melatonin. This makes it a good product for people who find it more important to relax and lower their anxiety than it is to get sleepy or drowsy at night.

Like all Joy Organics products, these soft gels are made with high-quality, organic CBD extract. In these capsules, the CBD extract is also nano-emulsified to make it easier for our bodies to absorb. This unique technology means that you can feel the effects of the product faster and more efficiently. It also helps to make the capsules smaller in size, making them easier to swallow.

As well as containing great quality THC-free extract and melatonin, the capsules also contain Roman chamomile which supports restful sleep. Overall, it’s a very well-rounded product that provides a high-quality, high-potency alternative to CBD melatonin gummies.


  • Broad-spectrum CBD extract
  • 0.0% THC
  • High CBD potency
  • Contains chamomile extract


  • Not vegan-friendly (contains animal gelatin)
  • High price per milligram of CBD



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