The Best Hemp Cream Pain Relief

How does hemp oil cream for pain relief work

Hemp has been used as a natural source of pain relief for thousands of years. In fact, there is some evidence that our ancestors used it topically in order to relieve pain. Since then, we’ve of course developed more advanced technology, but hemp and its molecules remain one of the most powerful remedies known to man. 

One thing that has changed is that we now have the technology necessary to make more effective hemp cream for pain. We also have the ability to isolate certain molecules like CBD, creating the best hemp cream pain relief that doesn’t have any psychoactive effects.

Read on to find out what hemp cream pain relief really is, how it works, and what natural, high-quality products we recommend. 

What is hemp cream for pain?

Hemp cream is the best CBD pain relief cream made from cannabinoid-rich hemp extract and various  cosmetic ingredients (like shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil…) 

The products that we recommend at the end of this article contain CBD, which is one of the most effective cannabinoids for pain relief. They’re also made without THC, a powerful painkiller that many people avoid because of its psychoactive properties, and because it’s still illegal in a lot of places. 

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How does hemp cream pain relief work?

Every person (and in fact, almost every mammal) has an endocannabinoid system. This is a vast biological system that regulates many body functions like pain management, stress, appetite, nausea, inflammation, etc. Phytocannabinoids like CBD have the unique ability to influence that system, which can relieve pain and inflammation, soothe anxiety, bring down nausea, and more.

When you apply hemp oil cream for pain relief to your skin, the CBD molecules that it contains go through the first layer of skin and bind with endocannabinoid receptors which are found underneath. When the molecule binds with your receptors, it sends messages to the endocannabinoid system. In short, it gives a boost to the whole system, which is why you can experience fast relief from pain and other symptoms. 

How to use hemp oil cream for pain relief

To use hemp oil cream for pain relief, simply apply a thin layer of hemp cream pain relief to any area of your body where you experience pain.

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Massage the product in for a few seconds. After just 5 to 10 minutes, you should start to feel the pain waning down. Because hemp oil cream for pain relief doesn’t offer the same lasting relief as products like CBD capsules or CBD edibles, you may want to reapply it every few hours, or whenever the pain picks back up.

Elixinol Active Hemp Balm
1. Elixinol Hemp Balm 50 to 500 mg
This Elixinol hemp cream pain relief contains interesting ingredients and comes in 3 potencies.

This creamy hemp balm by Elixinol is one of our favorite hemp cream pain relief. Unlike other products on our list, it’s actually made with full-spectrum CBD extract, a type of extract that contains a lot more cannabinoids and terpenes. As we know, these are molecules that can boost the absorption and the effects of CBD, giving you even better results. And because it’s also guaranteed THC-free, you don’t have to worry about getting high from it!

In terms of ingredients, this hemp cream for pain contains some very interesting ones. For example, it’s made with moisturizing ucuuba butter, soothing calendula flower extract, and pain-relieving rosemary leaf extract. It also contains essential oils like eucalyptus, wintergreen, and lemon, giving it a fresh, clean scent.

Finally, one thing we love about this product is that it comes in 3 different strengths. You could get it in a 50mg version to try it out (it’s also great for traveling with), a 250mg version for mild pain, or a 500mg version for stronger pain conditions. 


  • Full-spectrum CBD extract
  • Moisturizing thanks to rich natural oils
  • Natural ingredients
  • Fresh scent
  • Various potency options


  • Elixinol takes longer to ship products than some brands
  • Not for you if you don’t enjoy the smell of eucalyptus
Joy Premium CBD Salve Stick
2. Joy Organics Premium CBD Salve Stick
This salve stick by Joy Organics is very portable and suitable for sensitive skin.


If you’re looking for a topical CBD product you can use on the go, this Joy Organics salve stick is ideal. Packaged in a 0.5 oz stick, it’s a very compact product that will fit in your purse and even in your jeans pocket. So while it isn’t the strongest product out there, it’s great to keep on hand for pain flareups of all kinds.

With 250mg of CBD in total, this stick is great for beginners and for people who want to use CBD cream alongside taking CBD oil. The hemp extract itself is very high-quality, organic, CO2-extracted, and third-party tested. Considering, we think it’s a very worthwhile investment.

Its ingredient list is very simple. It only contains natural oils like hempseed and jojoba, as well as some gentle botanical ingredients like rosemary leaf extract. Other than that, it’s completely unscented and suitable even for sensitive skin. So if you’re wary of using CBD topicals because you’re not sure how your skin will react, it’s a great option. 


  • Very portable format
  • Natural ingredients
  • Broad-spectrum CBD extract
  • Fast to absorb


  • Only 250mg of CBD
  • High price per milligram of CBD 
  • Neutral scent
Endoca HEMP Whipped Body Butter
3. Endoca Whipped Body Butter 1,500 mg CBD
This whipped body butter is a joy to apply with its creamy texture and sweet vanilla scent.

This high-potency, intensely creamy whipped body butter by Endoca is one of our all-time favorite topical CBD products. Made with shea and cocoa butter that has been aerated, it’s a very hydrating product that remains very easy to apply. As such, it’s a great cream for people with dry skin, and for those who suffer pain in large areas of the body (the back, the legs…)

In terms of ingredients, it’s one of the simplest products out there. It only contains natural oils and butters, broad-spectrum CBD extract, and vanilla essence. In fact, Endoca advertises this product as “food-safe”: it’s literally so pure that you could eat it!

The CBD extract it contains is broad-spectrum, made with organic, GMO-free hemp. It’s also been third-party tested to ensure quality, and extracted without the use of any solvents. You can get this hemp cream pain relief in two different potencies: 300mg, or 1,500mg. The 1,500mg version is the one we recommend for people with pain conditions, but the 300mg version could also be good for beginners or those with milder pain. 


  • Moisturizing effects thanks to the natural oils and butters
  • 100% natural ingredients


  • Elixinol takes longer to ship products than some brands
  • Not for you if you don’t enjoy the smell of eucalyptus



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