Endoca Brand Review

When picking out CBD products, it’s important to select them from brands you can really trust. On our website, we often recommend products from Endoca, as we believe they’re one of the most serious, reputable CBD companies operating today. Read on to find out the pros and cons of Endoca cbd review, their best products, and the lowdown on what it’s like to shop on their site. 

Why Endoca?

Endoca is a Europe-based, eco-friendly brand founded by a scientist. This background shows up in the type of products they make: no frills, fancy flavors, or attractive packaging. These are simple products that aim to be effective, not to surf the CBD trend. 

Over the years, it’s a brand that has worked hard to create CBD products that comply with the strictest pharmaceutical quality standards. Because CBD isn’t widely known in Europe and hemp tends to be criminalized, Endoca has also done its part to educate a European audience on the benefits of cannabinoids.

They’re known not just for making high-quality products, but also for striving to produce hemp in the best possible conditions. Their main focus is on developing a sustainable hemp industry that can benefit humanity without stripping the planet of its resources. 

Today, it’s one of the biggest brands not just in Europe, but in the rest of the world thanks to their worldwide shipping and consistent high ratings.

Quality first

We like to judge brands based not just on what they say about themselves, but on objective certificates that they can show us. When it comes to Endoca, there are a lot of them!

They promise 100% organic hemp that is grown sustainably, often using alternative methods like permaculture. 

The ingredients that they use in their products are also completely natural and pure, no synthetic additives, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavorings. 

The hemp extract that they produce is third-party tested, meaning that an independent laboratory has reviewed the product for quality. The brand is also remarkably transparent about these tests, which are easily accessible on their website. 

As a result of being third-party tested, the product also has a guaranteed percentage of CBD: what you pay for is what you get.

Finally, Endoca is GMP-certified. This is an official certificate that attests the brand follows very strict standards of quality when making their products. At every stage of the manufacturing process, batches are tested to ensure their quality. This is the same certification that pharmaceutical companies have to get and unfortunately it’s still relatively rare to see it in CBD manufacturers. 

Delivery and packaging

Endoca now offers worldwide delivery. 

From our own experience, ordering Endoca products within Europe is a very fast, easy process. The products come in a completely neutral, discrete package. In our own experiment, they arrived just 3 days after we ordered them.

The products themselves are minimally packaged, using just recyclable paper, cardboard, and glass. 

Why we like them: 3 things that make us recommend Endoca

where to buy cbd online

There are a lot of reasons to love this honest, high-achieving European brand. Let’s have a look at just 3 we think are very telling:

  1. Endoca make it very easy to check the certificates of analysis of their products

Many companies claim to be “third-party tested,” but what is that worth if you can’t check the certificates for yourself? When you go onto Endoca’s website, it’s very easy to access the certificate of analysis for every individual product under their About Us section. Simply enter the batch number of the product you’ve purchased or are thinking of purchasing, and you’ll access the full, official PDF certificate. 

These certificates are also clear and easy to read. They use graphics and colors to show you the percentage of cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. Endoca wants to make it easy for people to understand their certificates of analysis, and it really shows. 

        2. The price per milligram makes even expensive products worth it

Some Endoca products are on the pricier end, but it’s easy to understand why when looking at their potency. The brand offers quite a few products that offer thousands of milligrams of CBD. This is a lot more than most brands. And when you divide the cost of the product by the milligrams it contains, it’s clear that Endoca offers great value for money. For anyone who is a heavy CBD user, this makes Endoca one of the best brands to go to for cheap CBD of the highest quality. 

        3. Very pure products with minimal ingredient lists

One of the things that surprised us the most when we started researching Endoca products is their ingredient list. On a product like CBD cream, most companies have at least a few lines of ingredients: oils, texture agents, plant extracts, preservatives. Not so with Endoca. Most of their products only have 2 to 6 ingredients, all of which are very simple. This makes it a lot easier to know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

Endoca’s topical products even qualify as food safe: they are so pure that you could technically eat them! When you know that your skin absorbs almost everything you put on it, good and bad, it’s definitely a plus.

Endoca Brand Review

Pros and Cons of Endoca

We love Endoca for their high-quality products and eco-friendly commitment. But it may not be the brand for everyone. If you’re looking for fun, tasty gummies or CBD bath bombs, you won’t find those on Endoca’s website. Here are the main pros and cons of shopping with this company:


  • Great quality
  • Eco-friendly brand
  • Value for money
  • Fast, discrete shipping
  • Simple ingredients


  • Not a lot of “fun” products
  • Limited range of CBD oil
Endoca raw hemp oil with CBDa 

1. Endoca Raw Hemp Oil with CBDa 

Endoca hemp oil is one of their top-selling products and it’s easy to see why.

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It’s a completely natural, unheated, unprocessed formula that only contains cannabinoid-rich CBD extract, hemp seed oil, fatty acids and vitamin E. While a lot of the CBD oil out there only contains CBD, this one also contains CBDa: a cannabis molecule with many interesting properties for pain management, anxiety, and more.

The oil bottle makes it easy to dose, and it’s strong enough you won’t have to take many drops. No fancy flavorings or colors here, but if you’re just looking for effective CBD oil with all the certificates, it’s a great option. 


  • Very high potency
  • Rich in pain and anxiety-relieving CBDA
  • Made with broad-spectrum, minimally processed CBD extract


  • Very high potency
  • Rich in pain and anxiety-relieving CBDA
  • Made with broad-spectrum, minimally processed CBD extract
Endoca HEMP Whipped Body Butter

2. Endoca Hemp Whipped Body Butter

Our favorite Endoca product by far is this whipped body butter you’ll probably want to rub all over your body.

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It’s a food-safe product with only a short list of natural ingredients, including shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and beeswax. You can get it in two different strengths, 300 or 1,500 mg of CBD per jar. What we love about this product is the texture: as a whipped butter, it has a silky creaminess that’s often lacking in CBD products.

It’s incredibly moisturizing, very gentle, and you can use it on your face as well as your body. When it comes to topical CBD products, it’s the one we recommend to the most people as we’re sure everyone will love it. 


  • Great texture
  • Two potency options available
  • Very moisturizing to rich oils and butters
  • 100% natural and food-safe


  • Some people may not enjoy its sweet vanilla scent
  • Rarely on offer

3. Endoca CBD Face Oil Serum

Where to buy cbd for face? This Endoca CBD face oil is made with really top quality apricot oil for a smoothing, hydrating result.

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Apricot oil is known to boost complexion, make the skin smooth, as well as battle wrinkles and fine lines. This makes it an excellent item for people with maturing skin, scarred skin, or discoloration. It’s additionally a terrific overall skin care product, with its included vitamin E, zesty bergamot aroma, and medium CBD effectiveness.

Due to the fact that it can be found in an oil kind, it’s really simple to put on the entire face. And also the excellent point is, you will not need to utilize a great deal of it. A container of this stuff can truly go a long way! We additionally value the truth that it’s made with extremely terpene-rich CBD remove that likewise includes CBDa. Overall, it’s a fantastic, delicate skin-friendly product that we suggest if you’re trying to buy cbd face moisturizer.


  • Broad spectrum CBD extract
  • Great for skin texture and discoloration
  • Natural ingredients
  • Pleasant bergamot scent


  • Relatively high price per milligram of CBD
  • Endoca rarely offer discounts on their products

4. Endoca 50mg Raw CBD Capsules (Strong)

Our favorite CBD capsules are these raw hemp oil pills by European brand name Endoca.

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Compared with various other products on our checklist, these capsules pack in a great deal even more CBD. Each soft gel has 50mg of CBD, a great dose for skilled CBD customers that have problem with solid pain, anxiety, or persistent inflammation.

The reality that these capsules are made with “raw” CBD extract means that they also include extra cannabinoids, terpenes, and also nutrients. In particular, the very little extraction process that Endoca makes use of maintains CBDa, a beneficial cannabinoid that normally gets destroyed by warm. CBDa is a natural phytocannabinoid with anxiety-relieving as well as anti-inflammatory qualities. And thanks to the “entourage effect”, it can even make CBD more efficient.

Another highlight of these pills is the truth that they are completely vegan, not made with pet jelly. Although their ingredient checklist is extremely straightforward, they likewise contain included vitamin E as well as Omega 3 fatty acids to increase your general wellbeing. So if you’re a person that requires a higher dosage of CBD, these are most definitely an option to take into consideration and if you are looking where to buy Endoca CBD try our top pick products here.


  • Exceptionally high potency
  • Rich in CBDa
  • Vegan-friendly capsules


  • The price is higher than average because of the high potency
Endoca Raw CBD Oil CBD-ML (STRONG)

5. Endoca Raw CBD Oil CBD+/ML (STRONG)

Our ideal choice for people with chronic discomfort is to buy Endoca CBD oil which is entirely unique in the way it is made.

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Unlike a lot of various other oils, it continues to be raw, meaning that it isn’t heated up in the process of removal. Because of this, it preserves a lot even more cannabinoids as well as terpenes than other products.

This specific cast is specifically abundant in CBDa, a marijuana particle that is known to alleviate swelling. Along with CBD, these two particles can be really advantageous for people with psoriasis, aiding to bring swelling, inflammation, and also itching down.

In regards to top quality, this is among the very best items you can discover. Endoca is a European brand name with a very good credibility for high quality. They make products that are 100% all-natural, organic, GMO-free, and also vegan. The brand name additionally runs their product via third-party screening to make certain they have the appropriate strength of CBD and don’t have any traces of harmful materials.

With 150 mg of CBD per mL, this is a solid item. A solitary drop of the oil brings you 5 mg of CBD, suggesting you won’t require a great deal to really feel results. So whether you wish to take the CBD orally or scrub it on your skin, a little of this product can go a long way. In general, this is a very top quality product that we recommend to anyone searching where to buy endoca cbd for one of the most unrefined type of CBD there is.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Raw CBD oil
  • High in CBDa
  • High in vitamin E
  • High potency


  • Could get expensive if used on a daily basis
  • Free shipping in U.S orders over $74
Endoca Hemp Salve 750 mg

6. Endoca Hemp Salve 750mg

This is a high-potency product that really has what it takes to alleviate discomfort as well as pain everyday.

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With its gentle, thick texture, it’s very easy to apply on any kind of part of your body. Although it’s made with a great deal of deep-moisturizing oils, it does take in quite possibly and will not leave an oily residue on your skin.

In terms of components, this is just one of the purest items you can find. It includes hemp oil, coconut oil, CBD remove, vitamin E, lemon peel oil, as well as vanilla. The product practically qualifies as “food-safe”: you might eat it if you wanted to! The vanilla and lemon peel oil give it an enjoyable, rejuvenating aroma that isn’t as well wonderful. As soon as on your skin, the scent does disappear reasonably quickly.

With 750mg of CBD in a small, 30ml jar, this is a high-potency item that’s perfect for individuals who handle pain daily. It’s also guaranteed organic, GMO-free, as well as third-party evaluated for quality, has a great endoca hemp salve reviews. The hemp remove is CO2 extracted to provide you the very best feasible purity, and also the item’s certifications of analysis are very easy to accessibility. If you’re looking where to buy endoca CBD for a simple item with high quality active ingredients and a high strength, we very advise this.


  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Pleaseant lemon and vanilla scent
  • High potency


  • Very dense texture which could be hard to spread
  • Free Shipping on U.S orders over $74

7. Endoca Mint & Chocolate Hemp Oil Full Spectrum

We've chosen to include this product in our Endoca CBD oil testimonial because it's extremely pure, powerful, as well as really tastes extremely wonderful as well.

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It’s made with complete range hemp remove, apricot oil, hempseed oil, as well as all-natural flavors; Every one of these ingredients provide it a mild yet revitalizing mint as well as chocolate taste which we absolutely appreciate.

In terms of potency, this is a strong product that’s optimal for people with pain problems or strong anxiousness. It has 5mg of CBD per decline, or a total of 1,500 mg in the whole container. And also like all Endoca items, it’s natural, third-party evaluated, and GMO-free also. Considering all of this, it’s $0.04/ mg cost point is in fact one of the most effective we have actually seen. So if you’re searching for an affordable and where to buy endoca CBD, high-potency CBD oil with a good taste, this is the one we recommend.


  • Full spectrum hemp extract
  • Rich in CBDa
  • Great taste
  • Great price per milligram of CBD


  • Rarely on offer

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