Joy Organics CBD Brand Review

You won’t see us recommending dozens of different brands on our website. This is because we really take our time when selecting the brands we want to represent, choosing only the best. In terms of quality, customer service, and range of products, Joy Organics CBD is a brand that meets (and even exceeds!) all of our expectations. Read on to find out why we value this brand, what they do well, and what to expect from their products. 

Why Joy Organics?

Joy Organics is an American brand that focuses on making high quality organic CBD goods. The brand has a reputation for always going one step further with their products: some use nanotechnologies, others come in more practical formats, and some of their softgels also contain curcumin or melatonin.

This innovative brand has quickly become one of the biggest names on the U.S market. Today, they offer a wide range of products: topical CBD products, capsules, gummies, tinctures, and even CBD for pets.

We think Joy Organics is one of the best brands out there if you’re looking for products that are fully certified and have simple ingredient lists, but still bring something unique to the table.

Joy Organics CBD: Quality and natural ingredients

In terms of certificates, Joy Organics has everything we look for and more.

Their products use certified organic ingredients whenever possible and focus on clean and limited ingredients.

The ingredients in their products tend to be very simple. Except for a few products (like cosmetics), they are 100% natural. All of their products are free from synthetic preservatives, colors, and flavorings. 

All of their products are made with organic hemp, which has been third-party tested to ensure quality. Those third-party tests also guarantee that all of the products are THC-free, making them suitable for all ages, and for people who need to pass drug tests. 

It’s very easy to check the certificate of analysis for any of their products by going on the Joy Organics website, and we appreciate the effort they have made to make the percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes in their products as clear and understandable as possible. 

Joy Organics reviews: What customers have to say about Joy Organics

One of the main reasons why Joy Organics has been able to grow so fast over recent years is its strong customer base. Today, the brand totals hundreds of positive reviews on their products. You’ll even find customers who say it has completely changed their lives! Here are the three points that customers bring up most often in their reviews: 

how to cbd oil works

   1. Great customer service

Many clients emphasize the customer service of the company. Clear information, transparency, fast and free shipping… It’s not enough to shop from a reputable CBD company, you also want to have a great experience ordering and receiving products. With Joy Organics, many of the customers highlight that customer service is one of their main reasons for coming back to the brand time and time again. 

   2. Very transparent

A lot of people who choose to buy from Joy Organics are very health-conscious and appreciate having the ability to check exactly what the product contains. Every product, be it dog chews or CBD cream, comes with a certificate of analysis. This is a document that you can access online as a PDF, and that tells you exactly what are cannabinoids and terpenes are in any given product. You’ll also have the ability to check for pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, and more. For people who want tangible proof of quality, Joy Organics is one of the most transparent companies we’ve found. 

   3. Quality ingredients

Finally, most Joy Organics reviews emphasize quality. Customers want to experience real results when they purchase CBD products, and they know that only comes with certain quality guarantees. Joy Organics have all the necessary labels to prove the quality of their products: organic, U.S-grown, GMO-free, and third-party tested. 

And this isn’t just about the CBD. Other ingredients in their products are all of the highest possible grade. If Joy Organics uses olive oil in a product, it’s extra virgin olive oil. If they use essential oils, those are completely organic. If they use a thickener in their CBD creams, it will be natural beeswax rather than synthetic agents. For people who love to check ingredient lists, this is definitely a plus. 

Joy Organics Brand Review

Pros and Cons of Joy Organics CBD

In terms of its offerings, Joy Organics has something for everyone: oil that comes in different flavors, dog treats, different kinds of cosmetics, and gummies for the sweet tooth. However, none of their products are full-spectrum, which is something some people look for. 

To summarize, here are the main pros and cons of shopping with Joy Organics:


  • Great quality
  • Full Spectrum Tincture
  • Organic label on all products
  • Great value for money
  • All products THC-free
  • Sensitive and responsive customer service


  • Products tend to be a little pricier than average
  • No international shipping

Our Favorite Joy Organics Products 

Not sure which Joy Organics products you want to try out? Here are the ones that strike us as the best and most innovative: 

  1. Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil Tincture
  2. Joy Organics CBD Broad-Spectrum Gummies
  3. Joy Organics CBD Salve Stick
  4. Joy Organics Fresh Lime Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
  5. Joy Organics CBD Dog Treats
CBD Oil Tincture

1. Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil Tincture

Although Joy Organics also offers some more “fun” products like tasty gummies, what they really excel at are the basics.


We love their CBD oil tincture because it’s very high quality (organic, GMO-free, THC-free, third-party tested, GMP compliant) and because it’s such a joy to use. It comes in four different flavors: tranquil mint (peppermint), summer lemon (lemon), orange bliss (orange), and natural (unflavored).

We love the options that contain essential oils, as they mask the taste of hemp well, for a much smoother mouthfeel and taste. We also like that you can get this product in four different strengths, meaning there really are options for everyone. 


  • Broad-spectrum CBD extract
  • Guaranteed THC-free
  • Comes in four different strengths
  • Comes in four different flavors


  • Price per milligram of CBD is higher than with creams
Joy Organics Nutrition Premium CBD Gummies

2. Joy Organics CBD Broad-Spectrum Gummies

These CBD gummies are all-natural and come in two different flavors


Our first picks for CBD gummies are these naturally sweet, high-quality treats by Joy Organics. With 10mg of CBD per serving, they offer a medium-low dose of CBD that could be perfect for relieving stress throughout the day. And for people who struggle with pain or inflammation, there is also the option to take 2 or 3 gummies at a time or spaced out during the day.

In these 100% natural gummies, you’ll find organic cane sugar, fruit and vegetable juice, as well as natural flavors. The two flavor options (strawberry lemonade or green apple) both offer a sweet, tangy taste that’s hard to resist.

As to the quality of the CBD, it’s top-notch. Like all Joy Organics products, these gummies are made with organic and GMO-free hemp extract. This extract is also CO2-extracted to guarantee greater purity, and third-party tested for transparency. If you’re looking for simple, medium-potency CBD gummies that are made with very high-quality hemp extract, these are the ones for you.


  • Medium CBD potency for children
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • Rich in terpenes
  • Great taste


  • Not sugar-free
  • Doesn’t ship internationally
Joy Premium CBD Salve Stick

3. Joy Organics CBD Salve Stick

Joy Organics have a lot of high-quality topical CBD products on their website.


It’s a solid salve stick that comes in a very portable format, and is easy to apply to your skin. Highly dosed, it’s a product that will benefit anyone who needs to reapply CBD throughout the day or keep it on hand: people with arthritis, migraines, anxiety and more.

It contains a lot of great moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil, all in a format that can fit into your back pocket!


  • Very convenient stick format
  • Natural ingredients
  • Absorbs fast and without leaving a residue


  • Only contains 250mg of CBD
  • Neutral scent
Joy Organic CBD Oil

4. Joy Organics Fresh Lime Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

This full-spectrum CBD oil has a pleasant key lime taste


This CBD oil tincture by Joy Organics has the unique benefit of being a full-spectrum product. Best rated full spectrum cbd oil uses a type of extract that contains all of the molecules naturally found in hemp. These include cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. While remaining naturally THC-free, this Joy Organics tincture contains an incredible array of phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

Joy Organics is an American brand that has built a solid reputation for quality over the years. Their products are organic (of course!), but also GMO-free, CO2-extracted, and third-party tested. This guarantees a very pure, high-quality extract you won’t find everywhere.

In this particular tincture, the only ingredients are full-spectrum CBD extract, MCT coconut oil, stevia, and key lime oil. The stevia and key lime grant the tincture a lightly sweet, tangy taste that partially hides the herbiness of CBD extract. But do be mindful that the higher potency options will still taste hemp because of their concentration. You can get this oil in potencies that range from 15 to 45mg per serving.


  • Full-spectrum CBD extract
  • Under 0.3% THC
  • Great lime flavor
  • Three strength options available


  • No international shipping
  • Sweetened with stevia
Joy Pet Care Premium CBD Dog Chews

5. Joy Organics CBD Dog Treats

Joy Organics has a great range of CBD for pets products, all made with completely natural ingredients.


These beef-flavored chews for dogs contain real meat powder, sweet potato, vitamin E, flaxseed oil, and other ingredients that will benefit your dog’s health. They are completely free of synthetic preservatives and the best thing is, dogs love them!

With 2 mg of CBD per chew, it’s a product that is suitable for most types of dogs. Check out their whole pet range for even more potency and flavor options. 


  • Great potency for most sizes of dogs
  • Broad-spectrum CBD extract
  • Guaranteed THC-free
  • Tasty beef and bacon flavor
  • Affordable
  • Dark glass container


  • Large dogs may have to take more than one
  • No international shipping

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