The Best CBD Cream for Migraines

Those of us who frequently experienced migraines know how difficult it can be to find relief with natural, non-toxic products. In recent years, CBD has become more and more popular in the community of migraine sufferers. This non-psychoactive cannabis molecule promises to relieve pain, ease anxiety, and help you get deeper sleep. This makes it a powerful remedy not only to relieve migraines when they happen but also to prevent them.

Today, taking CBD oil is probably the most common way of using CBD Cream for migraines. But as research shows, applying CBD as a topical could actually be more effective and provide faster relief. This article goes over the benefits of using CBD topical cream for migraines and presents you with our top picks for high-quality CBD oil cream products that are perfect for your condition.

The Benefits of CBD Oil Cream For Migraines

CBD oil cream can be very beneficial for migraine sufferers for a number of interesting reasons. The first and most obvious one is that CBD relieves pain. This cannabis molecule binds with certain receptors in our body, which can relieve most sorts of pain—from neuropathic to inflammatory. In the case of migraines, CBD is an interesting choice because it’s also a lot safer to take than other typical migraine medications, which often have a whole slew of side effects.

But not only can CBD relieve migraine pain, it can also prevent them. We know that some people are more predisposed to getting migraines than others for genetic reasons. But there are also some triggers that can make it a lot more likely for you to get them. These include not getting enough sleep and experiencing too much stress.

Thanks to its anxiety-fighting properties, CBD can lower everyday levels of stress, helping you stay calmer and more balanced. It’s also been shown to help fight insomnia, and give you deeper, calmer, and more restorative sleep. This means that taking CBD on a daily basis could lower your migraine triggers, helping you to experience them less frequently. 

Why Use CBD Topical Cream rather than CBD Oil?

Using CBD oil cream on the skin rather than taking CBD oil through the mouth offers a number of advantages. But the two are by no means mutually exclusive. Taking CBD through the mouth can be a great way to get a steady release throughout the day, which can be very beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety and poor sleep (two major triggers of migraines). On the other hand, applying CBD topical cream to your skin can be one of the fastest ways to get CBD into your system and experience relief from pain.

When you apply CBD onto the skin, it’s able to reach endocannabinoid receptors located under the first layer of skin in a matter of minutes. This means that by massaging your temples, forehead and neck with a CBD topical cream, you can experience almost immediate relief from your headache. 

Not only is it faster to apply CBD on the skin than take it through the mouth, but it’s also more efficient. When we take CBD oil under the tongue or mixed in with food, only a small percentage (up to 30%) of it reaches our bloodstream. The rest is eliminated by organs like the liver, whose job it is to keep intruders at bay. With a topical product, a much larger percentage of the product gets into your system—which also means you get more milligrams of CBD for your money.

But while there are definite advantages to choosing a topical CBD cream, you need to choose well. That’s why we’ve put together the guide below, with creams selected based on high-quality standards. They’re all made with natural, non-toxic ingredients, and are dosed highly enough to offer relief for migraine sufferers. 

How to apply cbd cream on skin
Endoca Hemp Salve

1. Endoca Hemp Salve 750 mg​

Our first choice for CBD topical cream for migraines is this natural salve by Endoca.


Formulated with 750 mg of CBD in a 30-ml tub, it’s a highly dosed product that is perfect to apply on small areas of skin. Once warmed up in between your hands for a few seconds, this thick, creamy salve becomes easy to apply on your temples, forehead, scalp, neck and shoulders. 

It contains all natural, 100% organic, food-safe ingredients that are as good for your face as they are for your body. Its simple ingredient list is only made up of CBD oil, coconut oil, beesway, hemp seed oil, lemon peel essential oil, vanilla, and vitamin E. The lemon and vanilla give this salve a very pleasant though subtle scent that is calming and invigorating.

In terms of value for money, this is a slightly pricey item, at $64 (or equivalent) for a small tub. However, it is a very concentrated product that packs in 750 mg of CBD. This means you won’t have to use a lot of it, and can make it last a long time. In terms of the price per milligram of CBD, it’s a product that offers very good value, especially considered the strict quality standards that it follows. 


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Sustainable brand
  • Dark glass container
  • Fast absorbing cream


  • Some migraine-suffers could prefer an unscented product
  • Endoca rarely offer discounts or coupons

2. CBDfx Calming Balm

This thick and creamy balm by CBDfx is infused with a number of essential oils that can help to soothe pain as well as calm your spirit.

It contains all-natural and organic oils, including jojoba, shea butter, and avocado oil. This gives it rich, moisturizing properties, though it is thin enough to apply to your face too. 

One of the things that we like best about this product is the essential oils that it uses. Not only do lavender, chamomile and tea tree give it a rich, relaxing scent, but they also have interesting properties of their own. In natural medicine, lavender and chamomile are often used to soothe migraine pain. Tea tree oil is anti-inflammatory and has an invigorating scent that can feel very pleasant when applied to your temples. 

Made with 750mg of CBD, However, we think that the quality of the CBD warrants its price ($39.99 for the regular 2oz version) Organic, sustainable, GMO-free, and third-party tested, CBDfx use some of the highest quality hemp on the market. And if you’re not sure of how useful CBD will really be to treat your migraine pain, why not give the travel version a try? It’s the cheapest item on the list, and a great product to keep in your purse or backpack. 


  • Nice scent of lavender and chamomile
  • All-natural ingredients
  • High potency
  • Great price per milligram of CBD


  • Heavy texture which can be hard to spread
  • Not very portable (comes in a 2oz jar)
CBD Salve Stick

3. Premium CBD Salve Stick by Joy Organics

This product is a little different from others on our list. Instead of coming in a tub, it comes in a stick and has a much more portable, solid format.


We find it’s perfect for migraine sufferers because it’s really a product that you can carry with you on the go, and use whenever you want. And as people usually get the best relief from just applying a small amount of salve to their temples when they suffer from migraines, the solid nature of this stick is a pro rather than a con. It’s also sure to last you a long long time! 

As with all Joy Organics products, it’s a solid choice that uses great quality CBD (organic, third-party tested, U.S-grown, GMO free…) and natural ingredients. It gets its thick, balm-like consistency from organic shea butter, beeswax, hemp seed oil, and jojoba oil. Not only are these good quality oils, they’re also all suitable to use on your face. So when it comes to applying this product to your temples, forehead, neck or shoulders, you won’t have to worry about it being too heavy or causing breakouts. 

Although this product has a very neutral scent,  it still benefits from the use of medicinal herbs. In its ingredient list, you’ll find organic rosemary leaf extract, a natural painkiller that’s been used to relieve migraines for centuries. It is known not only to relieve pain, but also stress and tension, and to improve blood circulation. It also contains terpenes which can reinforce the effects of cannabinoids, making it a great ingredient to have in a CBD product. 

This stick comes in a 0.5oz salve which is very portable. Despite its small size, this is a highly concentrated product that contains 250mg of CBD in total. In terms of value, we think it’s a great option if you’re after a portable product that will last you a long time. 


  • Convenient portable format
  • Organic and U.S-grown hemp
  • Terpene-rich CBD extract


  • Medium-Low potency
  • Higher than average price per milligram of CBD

4. Charlotte’s Web Arthritis Aches and Pain Relief Cream

This water-based cream absorbs fast and provides a cooling sensation thanks to the menthol in its ingredients.


This Charlotte’s Web pain relief cream is made especially for people with arthritis—but we find it has just the ingredients you need to fight migraines too! It’s thick and concentrated enough that you can apply a small amount to your temples and feel real pain relief. It’s also enriched with menthol, a natural painkiller which gives your skin a great, cooling feeling. 

Made with 200mg of CBD in a 1.7oz bottle, it isn’t the most concentrated product out there. However, this medium CBD potency can work well for most types of migraines. And because it’s a water-based product, it can be absorbed by the skin easily and much faster. Having a water-based formulation is also a good point for a product that you can apply to your face, as it’s a lot less likely to make it greasy. 

As well as CBD extract and menthol, the cream contains hydrating jojoba oil and shea butter, relaxing cottonseed oil, and fragrant essential oils of eucalyptus, clove, and peppermint. These essential oils also contain terpenes, molecules which can strengthen the effects of CBD. So they’re not just there for scent—they boost the product’s properties too.

Overall, this is a high-quality product that we highly recommend for those looking for a fast-acting topical ointment that’s suitable for facial use.


  • Cooling effect thanks to menthol extract and peppermint essential oil
  • Broad-spectrum CBD extract
  • Convenient pump bottle


  • Spend minimum to get free shipping
Endoca Hemp Whipped

5.Endoca Whipped Body Butter

Our second choice for CBD oil cream for migraines is this whipped body butter by Endoca.


It contains all-natural, organic butters and oils like shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. These ingredients give it a creamy, smooth consistency that is easy to apply on the skin. 

Compared to Endoca’s hemp salve, it’s less concentrated, meaning that you may have to use more to get the same effects. This could also mean it’s a better product if you like applying cream on large areas of skin (for example, all over your neck and shoulders) rather than in targeted areas (just the temples or the forehead). 

Don’t be fooled by the name, this whipped body butter is perfectly fine to apply on your face and neck, as its consistency remains relatively light. 

The 100-ml tub comes in two concentrations of 300 or 1,500 mg of CBD. To treat painful migraines, we would recommend going for the more concentrated one. However, if you’re hoping to use CBD mainly as a tool to prevent migraines—by fighting stress and getting better sleep—then rubbing a less-concentrated butter all over your body may be a better choice. 

In terms of value, you can’t beat the 1,500-mg tub which has a very low cost per milligram, especially when considering the high quality of its organic ingredients and manufacturing process. 


  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Sustainable brand
  • Two available potencies


  • Some people find its vanilla scent to be too strong
  • Not portable (comes in a large glass tub)

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