The Best CBD Creams for Tendonitis & Tennis Elbow

To have tendonitis is to experience swelling in your tendons due to injury. Even though the condition is typically known as tennis elbow, tendonitis affects many parts of the body. Standard treatments include rest, ice, elevation, and compression.

The latest research has given rise to many individuals now turning to a cannabidiol compound, known as CBD. This compound comes in many forms, but most agree that CBD creams are best type of CBD for tendonitis.

Whether for tennis elbow or another form of tendonitis, this guide is designed to reveal the best cbd cream for tendonitis. All products in this guide are from respectable brands that use high-quality cannabidiol that is derived from hemp. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The benefits of CBD cream for tendonitis or tennis elbow

CBD has two key qualities that make it useful for people with tendonitis: it relieves pain, and it relieves inflammation. Tendonitis is essentially an inflammatory condition that causes pain in the tendons. CBD targets both the root and the symptoms of tendonitis by giving a boost to the endocannabinoid system.

When you apply CBD cream to painful tendons, the CBD molecules reach past the first layer of skin and bind with endocannabinoid receptors below. This sends a signal to the endocannabinoid system, which relieves pain and inflammation. 

Compared to CBD oil or CBD edibles, CBD cream is also much faster to show results. So just 5 to 10 minutes after applying CBD cream to your painful shoulder, knee, or elbow, you can already expect to feel relief from pain and the burning sensation. 


How to use CBD cream for tendonitis

The first step is to choose a CBD cream that’s potent enough. You can find a great selection of such products in our buyer’s guide below. Once you’ve chosen an appropriate topical product, simply apply it to the area that’s causing pain. It’s a good idea to massage the product in for at least a minute, as this will help the CBD molecules travel deeper into your skin.

Although the effects of CBD cream are very fast, they don’t necessarily last for hours. So don’t hesitate to reapply CBD cream for tendonitis every 3 to 6 hours, or whenever you feel you need some extra relief. 

Endoca Hemp Salve

1. Endoca Hemp Salve 750mg

This thick CBD topical is our best CBD salve for tendonitis.


From all of the products we reviewed, this was our overall favourite. In fact, as soon as we opened the tub we were immediately impressed by the fresh aroma of lemon. After enjoying the delightful smell, we took a look a closer look at the consistency of the salve. By digging into the product, we realized that it has a much thicker consistency than other creams on the market. In fact, as the weather was cold, we had to press quite hard.

The salve quickly warmed up and became more pliable as we warmed it in our finger tips. We would say this is the best CBD tendonitis salve for concentrated areas of pain, like tennis elbow.

Alongside the massive 750mg of CBD, the hemp salve also contains a range of ingredients to promote skin softness. All these ingredients are natural and food-grade ingredients. Here’s the full ingredients list: CBD (cannabidiol), Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil, Citral, Vanilla, Vitamin E.

The great thing is that Endoca ship worldwide, which means you can get your hands on it, no matter where you live. It is currently priced at $64 (or equivalent), which is fair for a cream that delivers so much. You can learn more and read the product reviews by following the link below.


  • High-quality brand with many quality certificates
  • 100% natural and food-safe ingredients
  • The cream comes in a dark glass container that keeps it fresh for longer


  • This product isn’t for small budgets—although it offers great value for money
  • Shipping times to the U.S may be longer
CBDFx muscle joint cream

2. CBDfx Muscle & Joint CBD Hemp Cream

When you suffer from tendonitis, icing the affected limb is one of the best ways to get fast relief.


But if you want a faster acting solution, then this CBD muscle and joint cream with cooling formula by CBDfx is a great product to try. The menthol in this product makes it fresh and invigorating, helping to relieve the pain and inflammation caused by your hot and swollen tendons.

One of the things we really appreciate about this cream is its texture. Unlike most CBD topicals, this isn’t a balm or a salve. Rather, it’s a water-based cream that absorbs into the skin easily thanks to its light texture. As a result, you can expect faster relief and a product that leaves no oily residue.

It’s also good to note that the cream contains natural ingredients that add to the painkilling effects of CBD. It contains caffeine, which is known to relieve pain and inflammation, as well as white willow bark extract, an ancient natural remedy for joint pain. 

Finally, it’s a reputable product that has all the necessary certificates to prove its quality: it is organic, GMO-free, third-party certified, and GMP compliant which means the CBD was extracted following very strict technical standards. With its high-quality natural ingredients, it’s a great option that offers good value for money. 

This cream is available in two strengths, a 500mg and a 1000mg version. The first sells for $39.99, the second for $79.99.  Depending on your level of pain and discomfort, you may want to go for the more concentrated version or for the other one. 


  • Contains painkilling ingredients like menthol and white willow bark
  • High potency
  • Texture absorbs fast and doesn’t leave a residue


  • Not suitable for people with an aspirin sensitivity
  • Not as hydrating as other CBD creams
Joy Cream

3. Joy Organics Premium CBD Cream 250mg

Joy Organics have come up with a medium-strong CBD cream that offers a very different feel from most balms and ointments on the market today.


Rather than being based around products like coconut oil or shea butter, it’s water-based and contains lighter moisturizers like aloe vera juice. This also makes its texture much lighter and creamier, making it easier to apply as a result. 

Packing in 250mg of CBD in 30ml, this is a relatively strong cream that can be applied on painful tendons—multiple times a day if need be. The CBD in this product is certified organic as you might expect from the company’s name, and it’s also third-party certified, and a broad-spectrum product. This means that it contains many phytocompounds of the cannabis plant (excepting THC) and that the company provides an independent lab test where you can check how much of which ones it contains. 

One of the things we really like about this product is the lack of scent. Whereas most of the products on our list contain some kind of essential oil or plant extract, this one is completely neutral smelling. So if you’ve got a sensitive nose or are very peculiar about which smells you like it can be a good option.

Finally, we think that this product offers very good value for money considering the amount of CBD you get, the quality of ingredients, and the expensive feel of its little pump bottle. If you want an alternative to more traditional CBD balms and thick ointments, this could be a winner.


  • Organic ingredients and CBD extract
  • Comes in a few different potency options
  • Dark glass container


  • Texture could make it a little hard to spread
  • Some people report that the eucalyptus scent is very strong

4.Elixinol CBD Sports Gel 1000mg

This Elixinol gel is perfect for you if you’re looking for a high-potency product that absorbs fast.


If you’re having to reapply CBD cream frequently to relieve tendonitis pain and inflammation, you’ll definitely want a fast-absorbing product. This Elixinol sports gel is water-based rather than oil-based, meaning it won’t leave any greasy residue on your skin. You can simply apply it, feel relief after a few minutes, and forget all about it.

Although it isn’t the most hydrating product on our list, it has a lot of other qualities. For example, it contains naturally pain-fighting ingredients like arnica flower extract, capsaicin, and rosemary essential oil. These plant extracts can help you to feel the pain-relieving effects of this gel faster. They also complement the effects of CBD very well since they are rich in terpenes: molecules that can boost the properties of cannabinoids like CBD. 

In terms of quality, this is a product that fits our criteria completely. It’s organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, third-party tested, and even suitable for sensitive skin. In short, it’s a gentle and safe yet effective product you can rely on to fight pain and inflammation. A bottle that contains 1000mg of CBD in 100ml costs $59.99. Considering the quality of ingredients, the ease of use of the product, and its high-potency, we think it’s one of the best deals you can find for a CBD gel like this.


  • Absorbs into the skin very fast
  • Contains painkilling arnica and capsaicin
  • Great value for money
  • Portable format


  • Not as hydrating as oil-based topical products
  • Might take a little longer to ship compared with other brands
CBD Medic Active Sport Pain Relief Ointment

5. Charlotte’s Web Active Sport Pain Relief Ointment

This sports cream is a great option for those who enjoy the cooling effects of menthol.


If you’re looking for a strong product that can relieve tendonitis pain instantly, this Charlotte’s Web ointment is a great bet. Not only does it contain high doses of CBD, it’s also enriched with camphor and menthol which fight pain and create a very pleasant tingling sensation. 

Compared to a lot of other products on our list, this ointment is very concentrated. It comes in a 40g (1.4oz) squeeze tube and contains 200mg of CBD. It’s also made with 10% camphor and 15% menthol, two ingredients with pain-relieving properties of their own. When you apply it to the skin, you’ll feel a slightly numbing, cooling sensation coming from the menthol and camphor. It’s a great way to distract yourself from the pain, and it also reinforces the pain-relieving benefits of CBD. 

One of the things which we really like about this product is its scent. Made with myrrh, frankincense, and honeysuckle oils, it has a spicy and slightly sweet scent that feels exotic and luxurious. It’s not a scent that lingers for long, but it’s definitely one you might appreciate if you’re into earthy, natural smells. 

Organic, CO2-extracted, and third-party tested, it’s a high-quality product from one of the most reputable brands on the market today. We highly recommend it to those who need strong pain relief in a concentrated product. 


  • Cooling effect thanks to menthol extract
  • Contains added camphor
  • Broad-spectrum CBD extract
  • Dark glass container


  • Not the strongest product out there
  • Spend minimum to get free shipping
Endoca Hemp Whipped

6. Endoca Whipped Body Butter 1500mg

This is our best CBD cream for tendonitis pain that covers larger areas.


Also from Endoca, the second product in this review combines CBD with a range oils and butters. This creates a CBD cream with a butter consistency, which is perfect for large areas of tendonitis. In fact, this consistency was the first thing we noticed when opening the tub. Personally, I apply this over my lower back and elbows after showering.

Just like the Salve, the Whipped Butter contains a range of natural ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Beeswax, Root Starch Vanilla, and Beeswax Vitamin E.

The body butter is available in 300mg CBD or 1500mg tub sizes. The 1500mg represents great value for money, and should provide enough CBD to get through your tendonitis journey.  


  • Great texture that makes it very easy to spread
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated


  • The vanilla scent could be too strong for some people
  • The high potency version isn’t for small budgets
Smile CBD Topical CBD Cream for Pain “Rejuvenate” 500mg

7. Smile CBD Topical CBD Cream for Pain “Rejuvenate” 500mg

If you're looking for a topical CBD lotion that's perfect for body aches, this is among our best picks.


Produced with 500mg of Smile CBD hemp extract per container, it’s a medium-potency topical CBD cream that’s excellent for sore muscles, aching joints, as well as any other type of mild to moderate pain. 

One thing we like concerning this topical CBD cream is that it makes the most of more than just CBD as a source of pain relief. For example, it also has active ingredients like arnica as well as menthol, which are known to soothe pain instantly when put on the skin. It also has transdermal magnesium, a nutrient which is really crucial for muscle health and can fight muscle cramps efficiently. 

Various other natural ingredients in this CBD cream also deliver on quality. It’s made with hydrating argan oil, avocado oil, and cocoa butter. Although they’re really moisturizing, these components do not give the cream a hefty feeling. It remains light and simple to apply– especially because it is available in a practical bottle with pump head. Generally, it’s one of our best-loved picks for people that want a medium-potency, topical CBD cream for pain relief.


  • Very moisturizing thanks to cocoa butter and avocado oil
  • Contains cooling menthol
  • Made with pain-relieving arnica
  • Transdermal magnesium to support muscle health
  • Comes in an opaque bottle with convenient pump head


  • Container isn’t recyclable
  • Domestic shipping only
Extract Labs CBD - Topical CBD Cream for Muscles 1,500mg Full Spectrum

8. Extract Labs CBD - Topical CBD Cream for Muscles 1,500mg Full Spectrum

If you're trying to find a high quality CBD cream with a fresh, cooling effect, this Extract Labs CBD topical is a great choice.


With 1,500 mg of CBD in a 3-oz container, it’s a CBD high potency product that’s certain to alleviate even the most severe pains. We recommend it to individuals with joint problems, muscle pains, period cramps, and other pain issues. Its CBD high potency also makes it a great option for individuals who struggle with skin problems like dermatitis or psoriasis.  

In its list of ingredients, you’ll find all-natural oils as well as butters like jojoba oil as well as shea butter. You’ll also discover relaxing arnica and pain-relieving menthol, that make the pain-relieving effects of this balm a lot more immediate. And for scent, Extract Labs CBD work with lavender and rosemary essential oils which give this topical CBD cream a fresh and pleasantly floral scent. 

It’s made with full spectrum CBD extract, implying that it also contains other cannabinoids and terpenes. The extract itself is certified organic, third party tested cbd, and obtained from non-GMO U.S. hemp. If you’re a veteran, a nurse, or a teacher, you can also take advantage of Extract Labs’ 50% off solidary discount. Even if not, you’ll be buying from a company that makes social responsibility and solidarity a top priority!


  • CBD high potency
  • Full spectrum CBD extract
  • Certified organic
  • Third Party tested CBD
  • Contains pain-relieving menthol and arnica
  • All-natural ingredients


  • Free shipping when you spend $50 or more
MedTerra CBD Reviews - Topical CBD Cream for Pain 500-1000mg

9. MedTerra CBD Reviews - Topical CBD Cream for Pain 500-1000mg

If you're looking for a high quality CBD cream for pain relief, this is a wonderful option.


It is available in 2 potencies of 500 or 1,000 mg of topical cbd ointment per jar– which is more than enough for relieving a lot of pain conditions. We advise the low strength option if you struggle with sore muscles or moderate pain, or the CBD high potency option for cramps, joint pain, or a lot more serious neck and back pain. 

We enjoy the simple fact that this gel is made with all-natural active ingredients, including calming aloe vera, moisturizing jojoba oil, and even refreshing peppermint oil. It also has all-natural pain-relieving components like arnica, menthol, and rosemary leaf concentrate. These are all natural ingredients that have been demonstrated to relieve pain when used topically. Simply put, they make the effects of this topical CBD cream even stronger. 

In terms of texture, this is a light topical product that’s simple to apply to big areas of skin. Due to its water-based formula, it soaks up rapidly and will not leave an oily deposit on your skin. It’s not a very hydrating topical product, but if you’re searching for efficient pain-relief first and foremost, we feel that you’ll love this one.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • CBD high potency
  • Contains pain-relieving ingredients like menthol and arnica
  • THC-free


  • Contains alcohol
  • Non-recyclable packaging
  • Doesn’t contain other cannabinoids or terpenes
Fabuleaf Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Cream

10. Fabuleaf Full Spectrum CBD Cream 500mg

This natural best CBD cream for tendonitis by Fabuleaf has a fresh scent as well as experience thanks to menthol remove


Searching to buy a straightforward oil-based CBD cream for tendonitis that gives a cooling feeling? This Fabuleaf best CBD cream for tendonitis with 500mg of full-spectrum CBD is the one for you. Like all Fabuleaf items, it’s made using organically-grown hemp that’s removed without the assistance of any kind of solvents. The hemp remove has actually the included benefit of being full-spectrum. This means that none of its cannabinoids and terpenes have been obtained (besides THC.).

Besides 500mg of full-spectrum CBD extract, this best CBD cream for tendonitis has an excellent range of natural, botanical active ingredients. It’s made with creamy shea butter as well as coconut oil that do a terrific task of hydrating the skin. It likewise includes cooling down menthol, which has pain-relieving residential properties. Ultimately, it has arnica remove, rosemary necessary oil, as well as lavender important oil.

With 500mg of CBD in a 1oz jar, it’s a tool potency product that’s best for everyday usage. We advise it to anybody who appreciates the cooling sensation of menthol: those with arthritis, muscle cramps, aching muscular tissues, duration cramps, and so on.


  • Full-spectrum CBD extract
  • Contains moisturizing CBD shea butter
  • Contains pain-relieving menthol
  • Cruelty-free 


  • Not unscented 
  • Comes in a clear container

Buyers Guide

Thinking about using the best CBD topicals for tennis elbow? It’s important to know that some products are better than others. Whether you want to use CBD for tendonitis or just want to improve your general well-being, we need to look for the same things when shopping for the best product. We need to look at CBD strength, price, trustworthiness, and consistency of the liquid.

Strength – Some creams contain more CBD than others. Do you want a general cream with added CBD or do you want a highly-concentrated CBD salve for tendonitis.

Lab results – When looking to treat tendonitis pain with CBD cream, you want to use something that is trusted. A CBD company that publishes regular lab results is one you can trust to provide high-quality cannabidiol.

Ingredients – This is important to those that have skin allergies. You should check the ingredients list to see if the product contains anything that you don’t want to be associated with.

Price – Don’t pay more than you should. Now, some CBD products are worth it. If you’re buying a legitimate CBD cream for treating tendonitis, then you can expect to pay a high price. With that said, you don’t want to be paying over the odds.

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