The Best CBD Cream For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The carpal tunnel is an area in your wrist that contains the median nerve. When the nerve in this area becomes trapped, it causes a pain known as carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition usually causes numbness, weakness, and tingling.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is frequently developed by those who make repetitive wrist movements, like playing the drums, playing tennis, or typing for long periods on the computer keyboard. With CBD shown to act as a pain solution to a number of conditions, some individuals with carpal tunnel are now using the cannabidiol compound to relieve pain and inflammation.

With that said, what is the best CBD cream for carpal tunnel syndrome? It is important to know that not all CBD products are made to the same high-standard. Also, some products are better than others for specific needs. All CBD creams in this review are from highly-respectable companies that publish third-party reports. Without further ado, lets get started.

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Why use CBD cream for carpal tunnel

CBD is a cannabis molecule that has been shown to be very effective against nerve pain. And since carpal tunnel syndrome is essentially a neuropathic issue, CBD has the potential to do a lot of good. CBD also happens to be a powerful anti-inflammatory molecule, studies show.

Anti-inflammatory painkillers are frequently prescribed for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, but CBD may actually be a better option. Not only is CBD completely natural, it also doesn’t cause habituation or dependence like some painkillers do. You could use a wide range of CBD products for carpal tunnel syndrome, including CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD gummies.

Here, we recommend CBD cream because it’s one of the most useful products for this particular condition. Carpal tunnel syndrome causes pain in a very target area (usually the wrists and hands), so it makes sense to use a product that doesn’t target the whole body. CBD cream can also offer faster relief, and it’s a product that’s easy to reapply throughout the day.

In other words, keeping CBD cream on hand could be the perfect way to keep the pain at bay all day long. 

How to use CBD cream for carpal tunnel syndrome

Since carpal tunnel syndrome often causes strong pain and inflammation, we recommend choosing a topical CBD product with a high CBD potency. You can find many examples of these in our selection below. Next, you’ll want to apply the product all over the affected area (one hand, both hands, even the forearm if the pain travels up.) There’s no need to use a thick layer of product.

In fact, it’s better to use a very thin layer and reapply regularly than to apply too much product, which could go to waste. Finally, it’s a good idea to massage the product in, at least for a minute. This is an easy way to make sure you get the most out of it, and that the CBD molecules do travel through the skin, toward the endocannabinoid receptors. 

CBDFx muscle joint cream

1. CBDfx Muscle & Joint CBD Hemp Cream 500mg/1000mg

This water-based cream by CBDfx is easy to apply to your skin and contains a few ingredients that make it ideal to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome.


With added caffeine and menthol, this cream also has energizing properties that can feel great when carpal tunnel syndrome is making your arm feel numb. And it also contains white willow bark extract, an age-old painkiller that also gave us the drug aspirin. 

The CBD extract in this product is broad-spectrum, meaning that you’ll get added benefits from other cannabinoids and terpenes. It’s also organic, GMO-free, and third-party tested to ensure high-quality. If you’re looking for a lighter consistency cream rather than a balm to address your carpal tunnel symptoms, this clever cream is an option well worth considering. 

Finally, it’s formulated with high doses of CBD, 500 or 1000mg in a 50ml bottle. This gives you free rein to choose a version that works best for you. Do you prefer a more concentrated cream that works great to relieve strong pain in the targeted area? Or a lesser concentrated version that you can use on your whole arms or against lighter types of pain? The medium concentration usually retails at $39.99, while the high concentration is $79.99. But be sure to check as CBDfx regularly have sales on their website. 


  • High potency
  • Menthol gives it a pleasant cooling effect
  • Fast absorbing


  • Less moisturizing than other CBD creams
  • Not suitable for those who are sensitive to aspirin

2. Elixinol CBD Sports Gel 1000mg

This Elixinol sports gel will be perfect for you if you suffer from strong pain and inflammation.


One of our top picks to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome is this strong gel which contains a good range of pain-fighting plants. As well as strong CBD extract, this product contains arnica (a flower that’s been used to relieve pain topically for thousands of years) and capsaicin, a chili pepper extract that lowers pain and inflammation. 

With its water-based texture, it’s a product that’s easy to apply, absorbs fast, and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. This makes it ideal for applying and reapplying throughout the day, as you may have to do when you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Elixinol is a brand that’s well-known for making high-quality organic, GMO-free, and third-party tested products. This one is also made with supercritical CO2-extracted CBD: a way to make CBD extract that produces the purest and safest form of CBD available. 

Elixinol’s sports gel comes in a 100ml bottle with a convenient pump and contains 1000mg of CBD in total. This makes it a high-potency product, well-suited to relieve strong pain and inflammation. For just $59.99, it’s a product that can last you for months and which you can really trust to get the best pain relief.


  • Absorbs into the skin very rapidly
  • Doesn’t leave an oily residue
  • Contains painkilling capsaicin and arnica
  • Great value for money


  • Shipping times can be long (especially outside the U.S.)
  • Not very hydrating compared to oil-based formulas
Joy Premium CBD Salve Stick

3. Joy Organics CBD Salve Stick

The half-ounce twist-up stick brings beautifying and skin-soothing oils, too: organic shea butter, organic hemp seed oil, organic MCT oil and more.


If you suffer from carpal tunnel pain and discomfort in a relatively small area of your body (say, just your hand), then you may want to invest in a more highly-dosed but smaller product. After all, you may never be able to finish a 2oz jar! This CBD salve stick by Joy Organics contains 250mg of CBD in just 0.5 fluid ounces. It’s a portable product that you’ll be able to carry with you wherever you go. It can also be great to have it on your desk or in your purse for when you suffer from a flare-up.

In terms of texture, this is a relatively thick product with a balm-like texture. Don’t worry though, it’s easy to apply the stick to your skin and massage the product in. It contains all organic natural oils such as hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, and MCT oil, as well as organic beeswax which gives it a thicker texture. The CBD in this product is third-party tested for quality, and is made from hemp that is organic, GMO-free, and grown in the U.S.A.

One of the things which we really like about this product is that it contains rosemary leaf extract. The extract itself isn’t very fragrant and doesn’t add any scent to the product. But rosemary is known as a natural painkiller, and it’s also a great way of improving blood circulation. Moreover, it contains natural terpenes which can combine with the ones in hemp to make CBD even more potent, thanks to the “entourage effect”. 

For a long-lasting, portable product that contains 250mg of CBD, it comes in at an affordable price of $32.95.


  • Convenient portable stick format
  • Natural ingredients
  • Absorbs fast


  • Completely unscented
  • Only contains 250mg of CBD

4. Charlotte’s Web Arthritis Aches and Pain Relief Cream

This water-based cream is ideal for those who want fast pain relief and a non-greasy texture.


Although this Charlotte’s Web cream markets itself as an arthritis-specific product, we find it a great option for people with carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s a fast-acting, concentrated solution which contains cooling menthol for a great, numbing and tingling sensation. 

In this water-based cream, you’ll find relaxing cottonseed oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, broad-spectrum hemp extract, beeswax, menthol, and essential oils of eucalyptus, clove, and peppermint. The jojoba oil and shea butter give this product some lightly moisturizing properties without giving it a greasy feel. The menthol acts as an anti-inflammatory painkiller, and gives the cream an instant cooling effect which takes the pain away faster. Finally, the essential oils in this product give it a fresh scent and add to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

This cream comes in a 1.7oz pump bottle which makes it very easy to dose the amount of CBD that you want. Each bottle contains 200mg of CBD, a medium to high potency which works well for CTS. Overall, this is a really great quality product with some unique ingredients, perfect for those who enjoy a fresh scent and instant cooling sensation.


  • Hydrating effect thanks to jojoba oil and shea butter
  • Broad-spectrum CBD extract
  • Cooling sensation thanks to menthol extract
  • Convenient pump bottle


  • Spend minimum to get free shipping
Endoca Hemp Whipped

5. Endoca Whipped Body Butter 1500mg

This is our best topical CBD cream for carpal tunnel pain sufferers who want a more spreadable cream.


The cream has a base amount of CBD, along with a range of creamy butters and rich oils. It is designed to be spread over the whole body, where it can reduce inflammation while simultaneously provide nourishment.  

As soon as you open the tub you will be greeted by a beautiful butter-like consistency, which lies between runny and thick. With this butter-like consistency, the cream is great to spread over the whole body, and specifically achy joints, like knees and elbows. I like to rub it generously over my back after a shower.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Beeswax, Root Starch Vanilla, and Beeswax Vitamin E.

With over 1500mg of CBD in the biggest size, we believe this cream represents great value for money. The product is available in 300mg CBD or 1500mg tub sizes.


  • Great creamy texture
  • Natural ingredients
  • Comes in two different potencies
  • Great value for money


  • Endoca rarely offer discounts on this product
  • Sweet vanilla scent which could bother some people
Fabuleaf Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Cream

6. Full Spectrum CBD Cream 500mg

This natural lotion by Fabuleaf has a fresh scent as well as sensation thanks to menthol extract


Looking where to buy CBD fabuleaf online with an easy oil-based CBD cream that gives a cooling feeling? This Fabuleaf cream with 500mg of full-spectrum CBD is the one for you. Like all Fabuleaf items, it’s used organically-grown hemp that’s drawn out without the help of any type of solvents. The hemp essence has the included advantage of being full-spectrum. This indicates that none of its cannabinoids as well as terpenes have been obtained (except for THC.).

Besides 500mg of full-spectrum CBD remove, this lotion includes an excellent variety of all-natural, herb ingredients. It’s made with velvety shea butter and coconut oil that do a great job of hydrating the skin. It also has cooling down menthol, which has pain-relieving homes. Ultimately, it contains arnica extract, rosemary important oil, and lavender essential oil.

With 500mg of CBD in a 1oz jar, it’s a tool effectiveness product that’s perfect for day-to-day use. We advise it to any person who delights in the cooling feeling of menthol: those with joint inflammation, muscle mass aches, aching muscle mass, duration cramps, and so on. If you’re looking where to buy CBD fabuleaf you are in the right place.


  • Full-spectrum CBD extract
  • Contains moisturizing CBD shea butter
  • Contains pain-relieving menthol
  • Cruelty-free


  • Not unscented 
  • Comes in a clear container
Smile CBD Topical CBD Cream for Pain “Rejuvenate” 500mg

7. Smile Topical CBD Cream for Pain “Rejuvenate” 500mg

If you're trying to find a topical CBD cream that's perfect for body pains, this is among our top picks.


Manufactured with 500mg of Smile CBD hemp extract per container, it’s a medium-potency cream that’s ideal for sore tendons, hurting joints, as well as any other type of light to moderate pain. 

Something we really enjoy about this CBD cream is the fact that it uses more than just CBD as a source of pain relief. For instance, it also includes ingredients like arnica as well as menthol, which are recognized to soothe pain instantly when put on the skin. It additionally includes magnesium, a nutrient that is really vital for muscle health and can battle muscle cramps effectively. 

Other ingredients in this topical CBD cream also deliver top quality. It’s made with hydrating argan oil, avocado oil, as well as cocoa butter. But although they’re very moisturizing, these oils don’t give the topical CBD cream a hefty feeling. It remains light and easy to apply– particularly given that it is available in a hassle-free container with pump head. In general, it is among our best-loved picks for individuals who want a medium-potency, topical CBD cream for pain relief.


  • Very moisturizing thanks to cocoa butter and avocado oil
  • Contains cooling menthol
  • Made with pain-relieving arnica
  • Transdermal magnesium to support muscle health
  • Comes in an opaque bottle with convenient pump head


  • Container isn’t recyclable
  • Domestic shipping only
Extract Labs CBD - Topical CBD Cream for Muscles 1,500mg Full Spectrum

8. Extract Labs Topical CBD Cream for Muscles 1,500mg Full Spectrum

If you're looking for a high quality CBD cream with a fresh, cooling sensation, this Extract Labs CBD cream is a wonderful option.


With 1,500 mg of CBD in a 3-oz bottle, it’s a CBD high potency product that’s certain to relieve even the most severe pains. We suggest it to individuals with arthritis, muscle pains, endometriosis, as well as various other pain symptoms. Its CBD high potency content also makes it an excellent option for individuals that struggle with skin issues like eczema or psoriasis. 

In its ingredient list, you’ll see all-natural oils as well as butters like jojoba oil and shea butter. You’ll also be able to see relaxing arnica as well as pain-relieving menthol, which make the pain-relieving effects of this CBD balm even more immediate. For scent, Extract Labs CBD online work with lavender and rosemary essential oils which give this topical CBD balm a fresh and very natural odor. 

It’s made with full spectrum CBD extract, meaning that it also offers various other cannabinoids and hemp terpenes. The extract itself is organically produced, third party tested cbd, and obtained from non-GMO U.S. hemp. If you’re a veteran, a firefighter, or a teacher, you could even benefit from Extract Labs’ 50% off solidary discount. Even if not, you’ll be buying from a business that makes social impact a top priority!


  • CBD high potency
  • Full spectrum CBD extract
  • Certified organic
  • Third Party tested CBD
  • Contains pain-relieving menthol and arnica
  • All-natural ingredients


  • Free shipping when you spend $50 or more
MedTerra CBD Reviews - Topical CBD Cream for Pain 500-1000mg

9. MedTerra Topical CBD Cream for Pain 500-1000mg

If you're looking for a high quality CBD cream for pain relief, this is a great choice.


It comes in two strength options of 500 or 1,000 mg of medterra CBD products per jar– which is more than enough for easing the majority of pain symptoms. We suggest the low potency option if you have problems with muscle soreness or light pain, and the CBD high potency alternative for cramps, joint pain, or more serious pain in the back. 

We enjoy the fact that this topical product is made with natural ingredients, such as calming aloe vera, moisturizing jojoba oil, and even refreshing peppermint oil. It also has natural pain-relieving ingredients like arnica, menthol extract, and rosemary concentrate. These are all natural ingredients that have been shown to soothe pain symptoms when used on the skin. In other words, they make the results of this topical CBD cream even more powerful. 

In terms of texture, this is a light gel that’s very easy to spread onto large areas of skin. Because of its water-based formulation, it soaks up quickly and won’t leave a greasy deposit on your skin. It’s not a significantly hydrating topical product, however, if you’re searching for efficient pain-relief first and foremost, we expect you’ll love this product.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • CBD high potency
  • Contains pain-relieving ingredients like menthol and arnica
  • THC-free


  • Contains alcohol
  • Non-recyclable packaging
  • Doesn’t contain other cannabinoids or terpenes
Endoca Hemp Salve

10. Endoca Hemp Salve 750mg

With a thicker and more concentrated solution, this is our best CBD salve for carpal tunnel syndrome.


This hemp salve is our best CBD salve for carpal tunnel syndrome. Open the container and you’ll be greeted with a delightful aroma of fresh-aroma fill the air. This salve has a dense consistency that will require users to dig into the product to get some onto the fingertip. You can make it more spreadable by warming the salve in the hands or given a quick blast in the microwave. Please see the product below if you want a cream with a runnier consistency.

We love that the hemp salve also contains a range of nourishing and natural ingredients to promote softness. Made from natural, food-grade ingredients, this carpal tunnel cream contains 750mg of CBD!

Ingredients: CBD (cannabidiol), Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil, Citral, Vanilla, Vitamin E.

Now, this hemp salve may seem pricy on the face of it. But when you take into account the benefits of CBD, it is fair value. This is not just a moisturizer cream that is found in your local beauty shop (and those can be found at a similar price point). At the end of the day, it comes down to your budget and how much you want to spend. Endoca CBD online offer free worldwide shipping on order over $74. You can read the product reviews by clicking the button above.


  • High potency product
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Fast shipping


  • Dense texture makes it a little hard to spread
  • Endoca rarely offer discounts or coupons

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