The Best CBD Oil for Arthritis

More and more people with arthritis are turning to CBD as a natural way to relieve pain and inflammation. Not only is CBD safe and natural, it has also become a lot easier to find over recent years. However, that’s not to say that every CBD product is well-suited for your particular needs, however.

In this article, we want to give you a few suggestions of products that are perfect for arthritis sufferers thanks to their potency, ingredients, cannabinoids, and more. We’ll also explore how CBD can benefit those with arthritis and the best way to use CBD oil. Read on to find out more about the cannabinoid molecule and its virtues for joint pain!

Why use CBD for arthritis? Understanding the endocannabinoid system

CBD has two key qualities that make it perfect for people with arthritis: it relieves pain, and it relieves inflammation. This cannabis molecule works by affecting our endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a biological system that is partially responsible for controlling the way that our body manages pain, inflammation, stress, nausea, and more. When we take CBD, this system gets a boost, and is better able to keep our pain and inflammation levels low.

As a substance, CBD is also very safe. It only presents very few side effects, none of which are life-threatening. Compared to natural remedies for arthritis, it tends to be much more effective. And compared to synthetic drugs commonly prescribed for this condition, it tends to be much safer. 

The benefits of using CBD oil

When you have arthritis, there are a lot of different CBD products that could benefit you: CBD cream, CBD vapes, CBD capsules… So why choose oil?

CBD oil is one of the simplest CBD products out there, but also one of the best. You can place CBD oil drops under your tongue, which helps a lot of the product to absorb through the sublingual gland. As a result, you may experience relief from pain and inflammation much faster than with products like CBD gummies or capsules.

CBD oil is easy to take, easy to dose, and easy to find. It also tends to have a very simple list of ingredients, which many people appreciate in a wellness supplement. CBD oil certainly isn’t the only CBD product out there, but it’s easy to see why it’s the most popular one. 

How to use CBD oil for arthritis: A few simple tips 

Using CBD oil for arthritis isn’t difficult. All you have to do is place a few drops of a tincture under your tongue, and hold them there for a few seconds. If you swallow the oil straight away without keeping it under your tongue first, you won’t feel its effects as fast. 

We also recommend keeping your bottle of CBD oil in a cool, dark place (a pharmacy cabinet or the fridge is ideal). And remember to close it carefully after each use; things like light, heat, and air can damage the product and lower the potency of the CBD in it.


1. Endoca Raw CBD and CBDa hemp oil 1,500 mg

Our first choice for people with arthritis is this strong CBD and CBDa tincture by Endoca.

What’s truly unique about this product is that it is unheated and unprocessed to offer you the purest range of cannabinoids possible. As a result, it’s rich in CBDa, a cannabis molecule that’s only found in unheated hemp extract.

Like CBD, CBDa is effective in relieving pain and inflammation. And because it works in slightly different ways, the two molecules complement each other, giving you more well-rounded effects. Since this is a full-spectrum product, it also contains a wide range of other cannabinoids and terpenes, which only add to its anti-inflammatory properties.

We recommend this product for people who experience strong pain or discomfort in their everyday life. With a 15% potency and 5 mg of CBD per drop, it’s a very strong product that is sure to last you a while. If you know you need large amounts of CBD, it’s a product that lets you dose more efficiently: no need to take 10 drops just to get the relief you need!

Organic, GMO-free, third-party tested, and even vegan, it’s a product that delivers all the certificates we’re looking for. We also know that Endoca have a good record of customer service, fast shipping, and eco-friendly packaging. If that sounds like the kind of product you need, don’t hesitate to try out this fantastically potent, unheated CBD oil!

CBD oil tincture

2. Joy Organics Tranquil Mint CBD oil tincture with 225 to 1,350 mg CBD

If you’re not someone who enjoys the taste of CBD, you’ll be delighted to hear that Joy Organics make CBD oil with 4 different taste options.

You can get their broad-spectrum, THC-free tincture in a neutral taste, peppermint, lemon, or orange. All of the products are flavored with essential oils, which also complement the effects of CBD thanks to their terpene content.

Made with a broad-spectrum extract, this product contains a good range of cannabinoids and terpenes that help to relieve pain and inflammation. It is guaranteed THC-free, however, meaning that you can safely take it without any psychoactive effects.

In terms of potency, this product comes in 4 different versions. The lightest one starts with 7.5 mg of CBD per serving, and the strongest one goes up to 45 mg per serving. Since many people with arthritis do need stronger doses of CBD, we think it’s well worth investing in one of the stronger options.

Although the high-potency version of this oil is more expensive, it also offers a very good price per milligram of CBD. So if you’re looking to make an investment into a high-quality, pleasant-tasting CBD oil tincture, we think this Joy Organics product is perfect for you.

Daily Balance Tincture

3. Elixinol Daily Balance Tincture Winter Mint 133 to 4,000 mg

People with arthritis will enjoy this peppermint-flavored CBD oil which comes in 4 different potencies.

Depending on the level of pain and inflammation that you feel, you can get a bottle that contains 133 mg of CBD, 500 mg, 1,000 mg, and even 4,000 mg. This is a perfect way to get a product that matches your exact need—whether you enjoy a low daily dose, or something much stronger.

One of the things which we really like about this product is that it is made with a broad-spectrum extract. This means it contains a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes that help to boost the anti-inflammatory and pain-killing effects of CBD. It’s even enriched with beta-caryophyllene, a molecule found in cannabis and in many essential oils, and which shows a lot of potential in relieving inflammatory pain. 

This oil is made with MCT oil, which has a smooth, neutral taste, and peppermint essential oil for flavor. This makes it pleasant to take, as the taste of the peppermint masks that of the hemp extract. And since you can get it in a potency that works well for you, it’s not an oil that you have to take many drops of to feel an effect. 

Elixinol makes products that are organic, GMO-free, third-party tested, and this one is of course no exception. It’s a high-quality product with all necessary certificates that comes in a beautiful blue-glass dropper bottle. We highly recommend it to arthritis sufferers who want to be able to choose the strength of CBD that is right for them.

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